Monday, February 2, 2009

Yankys: burgers from gargantualand

I must confess. I was planning to do a whole lot of responsible stuff today which I simply never got around to. Activities such as booking bus trips, making miscellaneous payments and doing laundry all fell to the wayside in favour of screwing around, playing Oasis and gallavanting about looking for tasty snacks.

I probably would have been more constructive were it not for the fact that Pretoria is ridiculously balmy at the moment. I'd say we're looking at a rating of about 0.8 on the Durban scale, which is just about enough heat to deep-fry a baby elephant. It's getting rather uncomfortable.

Speaking of deep-fried baby elephants, I went on over to have supper at a random little takeaway joint known as Yankys and encountered the following meaty monstrosity:

Relax, it's not really a baby elephant. They don't grow this big.

Long story short, Yankys offers something called a monster burger (or something along those lines) for about fifty bucks. The picture tells the rest of the story – a story that can last for several days depending on your appetite and the availability of a suitable place to store your leftovers. I think it's absolutely enormous, and it seems that at least one other random Internet dweller out there shares this sentiment.

Scale representation of burgerus monsterus versus average human adult.

Before leaving Yankys, I managed to snag this picture of a shop sign apparently offering death threats to a particular kind of delicious confectionery.

Now with Xtra Xtreme Leap™!

Yes, the first bit is probably just Afrikaans. Stop being such a wet blanket, sillypants. I promise that I'll try to post an update concerning my Cape Town plans tomorrow.


  1. Y'know, the Yanky's in my Mysterious Home Town (tm) once had a competition at one of the high schools to see who could eat the most Monster Burgers. Apparently some of the competitors managed to finish more than one. We are talking about starving teenage boys here, but still...

    I've always meant to try to get the Finish a Monster Burger Achievement myself, truth be told. We should have a showdown sometime.

  2. Didn't realise that they actually had a chain of restaurants. I'd never even heard of the place before arriving in Pretoria.

    Then again, people still tend to cock their heads whenever I mention Cassie's. I guess there's quite a lot of unsung franchises out there.