Saturday, February 14, 2009

UCT Big Bash

So I spent Friday evening at Ratanga Junction for UCT's Big Bash – basically the biggest student-affiliated party on the University's calendar. This end-of-orientation-week event had some pretty big stuff happening, including live performances from groups such as Goldfish , DJ Euphonic and The Dirty Skirts.

There was, of course, a cover charge. Due to my incredible awesomeness however, I managed to get in for free. This was primarily due to the fact that on Wednesday I was approached with coolest job offer ever ever: manning the Coke Zero tent and showing off Guitar Hero: World Tour. I'm something of a Guitar Hero enthusiast, so getting paid to watch and play videogames for an entire evening while surrounded by scantily-clad Coke ladies is something of a holy grail for me.

This wasn't Table Mountain, but the view was superb.

Admittedly, a job is a job and there were times when I wished that the evening would just end. For a start, my feet were killing me - it turns out that standing up becomes old hat after a few hours. On top of that, new laws should be introduced to disallow anything of student-like disposition anywhere near stuff of alcoholic quality. Especially when you throw delicate videogaming equipment into the mix. Random Drunk Girls #348 and #422, I'm looking right at you.

I wish I had more pictures though. Being the idiot I was, I had my camera settings all screwed up for most of the evening and most of my photographs were distinctly blorgh in quality. A great evening nonetheless, and hopefully hunting about on Facebook or event sites will soon turn up some professional photography anyway.

My fortress of ... something. Mind the bloom effect.

The evening rounded off at about 1 AM, after which there was a mad rush for bus rides back to campus. It was at this point that I realised I hadn't planned far enough ahead: for the entire evening, I was under some delusional fantasy that I'd be going back via car with a couple of my friends. What I got instead was a queue full of bustling, pushy animals who seemed altogether way too preoccupied with getting back home as soon as humanly possible (presumably because one in ten individuals had a timebomb fastened around their necks).

Mercifully, I was able to get onto a bus with my friends after about twenty minutes, though not before getting my hair tugged by Random Drunk Dude #287 (“Hey, ponytail! Hurrgh! Hehe, ponytail!”) and somehow getting my nose stabbed by Random Drunk Dude #391 (who managed to get a glowing devil horn INSIDE MY NOSTRIL during the shoving and swarming – an almost inhuman display of drunken precision).

I often laugh when I consider how it's students like these who will be the future leaders of our country. Admittedly, though, I usually stop laughing after a bit and begin crying instead. Then I stop crying and turn around to swear at the guy tugging on my ponytail.

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