Thursday, February 5, 2009

Preparing for mobility

From time to time, I find it important to make certain travel investments when I have the spare cash. Bus tickets aside, there's a lot that can be done to make life on the move a lot easier, and I plan on addressing this issue in bits and pieces as the year proceeds. Also, I mentioned earlier that I'd chat about my Menlyn purchases when I didn't have so much other stuff to write about, so I guess this is killing two birds with one stone.

Of course, I'm already sensing those incredulous cries of “lolnandrew, u dont go on bush trails tho do u?? y get travel gear??” Well, travel isn't just about hikes and ocean marathons and lions biting your face off. Even if my activities don't get one smidgeon more adventurous than crashing on random people's couches, there are two vitally important things to bear in mind. One is the fact that I'll almost certainly be going on frequent bus trips - each little journey is a harrowing adventure in itself. Secondly, let me introduce you to Titanus.

Hi, Titanus.

Titanus is my primary luggage bag. I love him to bits and he carries many of my most treasured possessions – including my Xbox and pretty much all of my clothing – but the poor dear really needs to cut back on the sweetcakes.

Titanus measures approximately six metres across and weighs in at just over five tonnes (no, not really). Every time I go somewhere, I need to either sacrifice the luxury of my general supplies or bring Titanus along.

Enter the miracle of Really Compact Things™. Because I frequently lug my laptop bag around, anything that can fit amongst the various electronics and serve some remote purpose tends to be quite welcome. It means that I have access to my computer as well as an overnight survival kit whenever the need arises.

At times I have carried around such oddities as hubbly tobacco, fake moustaches, arnica oil and even a green feather boa (don't ask). No matter unlikely the use, if something is small enough to fit in my laptop bag ... in it goes.

The latest additions to my survival kit.

My recent expedition to the Menlyn shopping mall yielded a respectable haul, at least considering the amount of money I had on me at the time. Random indulgences included purchasing sunglasses to replace my previous pair (which had mysteriously lost an arm, never to be recovered) and a few sticks of incense because I'm a bit of a fiend when it comes to hoarding mint-flavoured stuff.

Several other items were of considerably greater use: I found myself a super-compact towel things (it's hidden inside a cute little bag on the left) as well as a travel comfort kit containing an inflatable pillow, ear plugs and an eye mask (a 3-in-1 deal for about R40). Both of these were found at the local Cape Union Mart, a shop which I plan on visiting again from time to time to stock up on useful supplies.

I also stopped by one of the barrows on my way out of Menlyn to grab myself a two-in-one lighter/torch thing. Take note, dear reader: lighters are useful. Even if, like me, your smoking habits only consist of the occasional hookah session with a few friends, you'll be amazed at how often you or those around you will need to set random stuff on fire. Also, this one has a torch on it, which is just plain cool.

Speaking of cool:


One day, when you buy yourselves super duper travel kits of your very own, you can try them on and look super pimped just like me. People will think you're awesome, and the travel pillow ensures that your neck will never take strain. You'll win both ways.


  1. Titanus?

    You're trying to sound all clever but you just said 'tit' and 'anus' and giggled while you quietly pushed them together, didn't you?

  2. He actually pronounces it "Tight-anus". Make of that what you will.