Wednesday, February 11, 2009

... and hello, Cape Town!

Between recovering from my recent bus trip, getting used to navigating Cape Town and hurriedly finishing off my monthly contribution to SACM, I've been rather neglectful of this blog over the past 24 hours. Sadly inappropriate, I must admit, considering that this is my first opportunity to blog about something other than a landlocked sea of traffic and gargantuan shopping malls.

Cape Town, in a nutshell, has been amazing thus far. I'm currently staying with a couple of friends from UCT – they have a small flat not that far from campus, and are currently spending their days doing pretty much whatever comes to mind (UCT is still sitting in Orientation Week, dear Gautengers!). Their accomodation is humble, but it's a refreshing change of scenery.

Such a friendly atmosphere, too.

After spending a recuperative-slash-busy evening at their residence, I woke up fresh and revitalised on Tuesday morning, ready for a little adventure. I started off fairly humbly: I went off to an area known as Observatory and acquainted myself with a few online friends at a nearby pool bar known as Stones. It has interesting music, a great vibe and (most importantly) reasonably-priced drinks – I've been told that this is a common student hang-out, so I guess that would explain it. Students remain the most financially-retentive matter known to science – in other words, they're a bunch of damn stingy gits.

Such a friendly atmosphere, too.

Following my sojourn at Stones, I found myself playing host to another friend who I'd spent some time with while I was up in Johannesburg. Cool as this was, I found myself playing the awkward role of middle-man during his visit: finding ways to entertain a guest becomes horribly difficult when you're a tourist yourself. That, and you suddenly realise that you have to fight for a prime spot on the couches. Kinda like an alpha male sorta thing, except with a pair of pale-faced, muttering geeks having pillowfights and slap wars.

No, wait, I'm lying through my teeth. Not pale at all. As a matter of fact, after just a single hour sitting in the outside area at Stones, my associate and I both got horribly burned. We teamed up to buy ourselves some sun protection afterwards, but my friend admittedly looked rather rad: he'd only been partially exposed, and got some cool selective reddening on half of his face.

Protip: chicks dig sunburn.

In other news: while hanging about at St Peter's Square yesterday (it's a mall in Observatory), I popped into a nearby store and got myself a new camera with which I was able to take all these rad new pictures (with perhaps the exception of the one above). Here's me posing for its virginal photograph upon the wind-swept peaks of a Cape Town parking lot.

Looking great, bud.

It's a Pentax Optio E20: basically an exact replica of my previous camera, except everything works significantly better. Still not what one would consider a hardcore picture-taking device (it's the Pentax entry-level offering), but I'm already falling in love with it.

More stuff tomorrow! I've just squeezed past some deadlines and I have some interesting plans for the rest of the week.

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  1. I kept on wondering when Pentax started making cameras, then I remembered I was confusing Pentax and Tampax again...