Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St Patrick's Day at Cafe Blanca

So, as I approach the end of my three-week sojourn in Grahamstown (yeah, it was only ever meant to be three weeks. I'm eyeing you, Mr Danny “When-are-you-going-to-stop-being-such-a-hippie-at-Cow-Moon?” Day) I look back and realise that perhaps I've been a little too engrossed in work and similar comfort zone activites. I decided to take the opportunity on good old St. Paddy's Day to get out, have some fun and admire all the green booze that was suddenly emerging from nowhere.

My highlight of the evening was spending some time at a cocktail garden known as Cafe Blanca, a place on Grahamstown's High Street where my brother works as a bartender. It's a pretty nice place – the vibe is pretty chilled when compared with other establishments, and the patrons generally aren't all that raucous. Heck, even the bartenders are great: there's a lot of interaction with customers and they bring loads of personality to the place.

Some of the Cafe Blanca bartenders. Now with an extra ninja nosepick.

Overall, Blanca is a great establishment for when you want to sit down with a cocktail, talk to your friends and meet new people. And even if you're not into drinking all that much, they have a pretty respectable food menu – if you ever stop by town, ask for the R25 Gatsby sub. It's awesome.

Anyway. St Paddy's. On this particularly special night, the students came out with the full fury of green behind them. I'm not sure how many of them actually know about the main idea behind St Patrick's Day, but it's well-understood that it's a good excuse to get drunk and dress up in interesting ways.

Aftermath of the food colouring accident.

Aside from impersonating orcs and spinach vat victims, most of Blanca's patrons availed themselves of the opportunity to indulge in some St Paddy's specials: for example, a green “depth charge” that I've been duly informed has the punch of a shot with the liquid volume of a draught. Or something like that.

A depth charge. Also known as doom in a tumbler.

I didn't actually buy one of these. At least, not for myself. I wussed out with a hot chocolate and gave my drink to someone else after I'd snapped the photo.

Mmm, chocolate.

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