Thursday, March 26, 2009

Baz Bus and Bungyyyyyy!

So, I'm officially on the backpacking trail. My primary means of getting around is a neat little system known as the Baz Bus. It's a hop-on hop-off shuttle service (I'm not aware of anything similar that operates on a national level in South Africa) and it basically allows you to buy a single ticket and ride in one direction for as long as you want, getting on and off whenever you want, over however much time you need. I got myself a “PE to Cape Town” ticket and have been doing door-to-door backpacking ever since.

A stunning picture of me. The Baz Bus is in the background.

Right now, I've been spending some time in Storms River near the official, Guinness-approved, Tallest Bungy Jump In The Whole World™. In fact, I was only in the neighbourhood for about twenty minutes before I was whisked off to the Bloukrans Bridge for this life-changing adrenaline experience.

Of course, I didn't ... um ... actually do the bungy.


In my defense, I was sincerely prepared to take the plunge (hurhur, pun there) and go for it, but I only carried R200 in cold hard cash and the adventure centre's card machine wasn't working. A single jump costs about R640. A “flying fox” zipline costs about R150. I sure as hell wasn't going to leave without doing at least something, so I paid for the zipline and got to hang about on the bridge for a bit to watch some bungy first-hand. I wasn't allowed to take a camera onto the bridge (in fact, it was kinda impossible: I was terrified that it would fall out of my rather shallow pockets during the zipline) but I can testify that the view was amazing. Almost as amazing as the underwear-clad, co-ed dorming German women that I've just spent the night with.

This view is worth at least five hot women. Or maybe just two.

I'm a little bit disappointed that I didn't get to do the jump: I hear that it's a life-changing experience. But at least my wallet, which was thoroughly prepared to wuss out on my behalf, is feeling a little relieved. Backpacking's expensive, you know.

And yeah, I mentioned cute German backpackers. But I'm not showing the pics because this is a PG-friendly blog. Now go away.*

* Hi mom. If you're reading this, don't get a heart attack. I don't actually have any naughty pictures of these ladies and I've had a lot of good, clean fun with them.**

** Hi everyone else. The only reason why I don't have naughty pictures is because they probably wouldn't let me take them anyway. Also, the next time you're confronted with a bunch of hotties, I want YOU to make the choice between sticking around and running off to fetch your camera. Yeah, that's what I thought.***

*** Ignore that, mom.


  1. Hmmm - PG friendly or NM friendly!

  2. You didn't jump...

    Epic. Fail.

    I know, I've been there and not jumped. You have to go back and do it. Scratch that, you WILL go back and do it. Eventually. It will eat at your soul until you do.

  3. I absolutely loved Storms River, so yeah. Probably going to go back sometime this year.

    That and the whole eating-at-my-soul thing.