Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Reader, meet Grahamstown

In some ways, it's a bit more difficult to write about a place when you've spent a good whack of time there already. Grahamstown is the home of Rhodes University, an institution where I spent a good three years of my life learning stuff and being all student-like. As a result, everything is ... well, rather familiar to me by now. It's difficult to decide what would impress visitors the most, so I decided to just spend an afternoon wandering around campus and artistically appreciating it for a change.

Let's be fair, this place is awesome.

Rhodes really is a glorious-looking place when you get to it. I mean, my own review of UCT's aesthetics last week was pretty generous, but it's been a long time since I've realised just how pristine this small-town varsity really is. I guess spending most of my time stuck inside boring old lecture venues and sanitised computer labs has altered my perspective somewhat.

Aside from my stroll around the university grounds, it's difficult to isolate just one thing that's happened in the past few days that I would cover on this blog – I've been doing an absolute truckload of random stuff with old friends, and my lamentable coverage recently means that I'll kinda just have to roll all the cool stuff into a little ball and satisfy myself with mentioning that on Sunday I had the opportunity to play Guitar Hero and Dead Space inside a lecture auditorium – there was a LAN party at Eden Grove which I took advantage of fully. Big screen, big sound and one helluva good time.

Not actually the venue, but it's good enough.

Also, I've got about half a dozen people offering me their beds every night (not quite in the way you'd think), so my next few weeks are going to be oozing with sleep reviews. Take this one, for example:

A classic.

I spent a great deal of time lying on this little bugger last year because I had a tendency to crash at my one friend's student sanctum altogether far too often (it kinda got to the point where I spent more time hanging out with his digsmates than he did). It's a great sleep spot with possibly the most comfortable couch foam in existence. Fact. It's like they rounded up a bunch of kittens, dressed them in feather boas and then hid them under the sofa cover.

I'd sleep on that.

There's a few drawbacks, of course - mainly the couch's age, which means that it's somewhat ruptured in places. The arms are also extremely flimsy and will absolutely refuse to support you if you decide to lean on them. Then there's the fact that I woke up this morning to the sight of my friend shuffling past in his boxers. Gah.

Overall, this couch gets a good solid eight out of ten. It gets pushed up to a nine if you get rid of my buddy's asscrack.


  1. I saw you in person at the UCT Big Bash !
    Good blog

  2. I also saw you in person at UCT Big Bash ! Don't get too bored in Grahamstown hey, don't worry, you'll be back in CT soon enough :P

  3. Excellent! It seems that the Big Bash has been a most profitable marketing activity. For my next trick, I'll launch straight into the sun!

    Cape Town will be great when I head there for Coke Fest, but I'm quite enjoying myself in Gtown at the moment. ;)