Monday, March 9, 2009

OutRhodes party – rock around the clock!

I had a rather crazy night on Saturday – I was determined to live it up and actually go past midnight without spontaneously flopping onto a couch somewhere in narcoleptic fury. By the power of Facebook and my continued attachment to the student newswire, I was alerted to the existence of gay-bashing at Rhodes. And by “gay-bash” I do, of course, mean a huge party hosted by OutRhodes, a local LGBT support/activism/rights/party-throwing group. Oh, how witty and misleading I can be, dear reader!

I've always considered Grahamstown to be rather intent on their crusade to support all sexual paradigms when compared to other locations in South Africa – the community has a broad and rather passionate group of supporters, and although I consider some of their actions to be rather heavy-handed at times, I can't help but admire their ability to tirelessly crusade for a cause and still throw awesome parties at the same time. Especially when they feature free drinks and pizza.

Oh, and an awesome dress theme.

Yes, that's a Guitar Hero controller. You trying to say something?

The “Rock around the clock” theme of the party allowed me to dress up as pretty much anything, so basically getting some rags of clothing together and giving peace symbols once in a while allowed me to pass as some hipster rip-off. I was originally going for David Bowie as he appears in Labyrinth, but I couldn't quite fit into my pair of Goblin King tights.

Also: hair.

Unfortunately, I feel that the venue didn't quite do justice to the size of the party, and I didn't stay for terribly long. I'd also decided not to bring my camera along (shallow pockets and a raucous dancefloor were asking for trouble in my opinion), and am still trying in vain to source some pictures of the event for your viewing pleasure. I'll try update later when I have something.

After OutRhodes, I spent the evening bouncing around Slipstream Sports Bar, a friend's digs and Cow Moon Theory. Long story short, I got to sleep at about 8am. Funnily enough, my last three hours were thrown into an intense bout of game development. I guess that's what happens when geeks party too hard.

Speaking of which, I have Xbox Live for another month. Yay me!

Well, sorta yay. If I drop off this blog for a few weeks, you'll at least have an explanation for my absence.


  1. That's all very well, but what's this about free drinks and pizza? I saw (and, needless to say, consumed) none.

  2. Oh, you poor man. I reckon you arrived a little too late. Or something.

    Yellow House was making a bunch of pizzas (I think they mentioned 60 in all) and shovelled them out as they became ready. I guess that the student swarm finished it all rather early. I munched a few slices myself, and can thus confirm that it's not just my imagination.

    As for free drinks -- everybody got two tickets at the door. Didn't you have any?