Friday, March 13, 2009

Chinese drink things are weird-awesome

So, being entrenched as I am within the alternate crowd, I tend to stumble across some interesting things. For example, huge shipments of Eastern beverages. Eastern beverages which you can eat. Seriously, a bunch of cryptically-labelled cans consisting of part liquid and part glop arrived at the doors of Cow Moon Theory yesterday. I lent a hand in unloading some of the contents, and was introduced to the concept of making drinks that people could pretty much eat.

Trial by suspicious-looking psuedo-liquids.

Cow Moon's owner came across these concoctions while travelling about in Johannesburg's Chinatown and subsequently decided that it would be great to inflict them upon the humble residents of Grahamstown. We sat down with a few of these things after unpacking them and indulged in some experimental refreshment (a damn fine idea too, considering how hot it was).

It's actually amazing how incredibly different these drinks taste to our regular old Western stuff. I mean, it's not as if they took standard Squeez-O-Juice and threw in some generic chunks. They have a rather different flavour which I'm not used to with liquids in general, and the chunks are – for lack of a better word – meaningful. Even pretty, if you decide to opt for the awesome fruit juices.

This is either litchi or fish eggs. We're still trying to decide.

Suffice it to say, these drinks are really cool. You can get yourself some grass jelly or white pearl tea for R8 (made by a company called Chin Chin, which has rather blatantly stolen Coca Cola's text style). The fruit juice is a bit expensive (15 bucks a pop) but considering the brand-new taste experience, the ability to eat while you drink AND the fact that you can walk away with an awesome glass bottle, I think it's worth it. Also, it's fantastic to drink while watching anime.

I feel totally asian right now.

As a random little tidbit to end off this blog, I've recently been looking into travel options for a trip along the Garden Route to Cape Town. Stumbled across a service known as Baz Bus and I must admit that I'm rather intrigued. More on my plans a little later – I plan on sorting out the next leg of my trip within the week.

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