Friday, January 23, 2009


At the request of a few good friends (and a considerable number of Internet stalkers, no doubt), I've established this blog to highlight the slightly more interesting points in my life for the year 2009. Why? Because I can, because I want to, and because I'm going to be doing things slightly more interesting than geeking out in front of my computer this year.

In fact, I hope to geek out in an endless number of South African locations over the next 365 days, assuming that all such locations have a reliable cellphone signal and a nearby 3-prong power supply. Being a fresh-faced Rhodes University graduate with a penchant for writing and a tendency to be extremely awesome, I deemed myself fit to wander the country for a year and avoid the responsibility of a desk job for just that little bit longer.

This means braving uncomfortable couches, yukky bed and breakfast food, agonising bus rides and exasperated friends all over this beloved country. The obstacles may appear insurmountable, dear reader, but I shall overcome them in the name of being interesting – to seek out new events, people and videogame outlets.

And now I leave you with this caveat: according to sources, the average person reads between 200 and 250 words per minute. This particular blog post weighs in at about 276 words.

If we were to do a quick bit of calculation, that would pin your average reading time for this blog post at just over a minute.

That's a minute of your life that you spent reading this silly introductory post instead of something more interesting, insightful or important. Sucks to be you.


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  2. Rodain.
    This awesome and I wish you luck and great adventures on your travels.