Friday, January 30, 2009

Global Game Jam approaches

The past day or so has been spent in anticipation of the Global Game Jam, an event in which teams of developers gather at specific locations around our fair planet and knuckle down to make games for 48 hours – generating enough geek power to raze 600 rugby fields and destroy all jockstraps in a 10-kilometer radius. Although the game jam has already begun in other parts of the world (check the website for live feeds), South Africa's own event is not yet underway – we're still sitting pretty and waiting for the local 5pm mark.

Regrettably, the team that I'm in cannot make it to UCT for the South African leg, so we'll be doing some pseudo-formal Gauteng-based participation instead. This shouldn't be a problem though: the competition starts this evening, but it seems to have a remarkably generous signup deadline.

Fact: Game development is synonymous with time travel.

I'm still not sure how hectically we're going to be involved with this – it will probably depend on the topic, our schedule and how much Red Bull is currently stashed in the fridge. Going full steam ahead, however, may mean 48 hours without sleep and a couple of missed blog posts. We're pretty much just playing it by ear at this stage.

To take our minds off the impending Jam, we had a board games evening last night where I was introduced to Arkham Horror . I had a great deal of fun playing it once I got accustomed to the rules – if you're a fan of H. P. Lovecraft and board games in general, consider getting your hands on this little gem.

Halfway through the game, Danny failed a roll and entered this trancelike stupor. We're worried about him.

So long for now, dear reader. You may or may not hear from me tomorrow. Updates will resume when I manage to piece together the inevitably shattered components of my sanity.

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