Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Game Jam continues ...

Ladies and gentlemen, I swoop in for a flash update on how things are faring in the 48 hour Global Game Jam. As mentioned yesterday, I'm currently sitting in Gauteng with a couple of Game.Dev associates and churning away at a remote entry in the hopes that even if we don't get to receive prizes and accolades for our efforts, we'll at least get a pat on the head and an orange smoothie to fight over.

“Smoothie's MINE, bitch.”

Right now I smell like doody, my hair is greasy enough to deep-fry a pan of chips and I hate the majority of mankind. So I guess I feel like a real game developer again. And we've only just gone a wee bit beyond the 24 hour mark so far. I'm relying on a fairly respectable arsenal of noodles and Play energy drinks to tide me over.

Tic-Tacs: I may smell like armpit, but at least my breath is minty fresh.

That concludes this mini-update. The other devs are staring at me in funny ways and asking me why I'm not trawling through code right now. Better get going before they bring out the whips and butter again.

... don't ask about the butter.

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