Thursday, May 21, 2009

The University of Pretorialand

I have a few cousins who live in Pretoria. Funnily enough, this means that at least one of them studies at the University of Pretoria. And as it just so happens, I took a stroll there yesterday while one of these student cousins went to hand in some stuff.

Pretoria's campus is rather different to others which I've encountered. For a start, it's a lot more functional and a lot less pretty. Here's the administrative building:

Unintentional lens flare of awesomeness included.

In other ways, though, the University is just like any other campus: loads of students doing important student things like bunking, slacking off and socialising on the lawns. I kept thinking that I saw some of my Grahamstown buddies amidst the crowds: oh, how the campus aura loves playing tricks on feeble minds!

In the middle of everything, there was some sort of event going on which brought back memories of the trolley race day that I saw at UCT. Minus the trolleys, that is.

I have no idea what's going on here.

After getting hand-ins sorted out, I went with my cousin to the nearby tuckshop. Now, we have a day kaif back at Rhodes which serves various munchables for passing students, and I've borne witness to the miniature food court at Cape Town, but for some reason the sheer jam-packed nature of this particular tuckshop environ absolutely stunned me. If the shopkeepers ever wanted a bit of fun, they could just tip over one or two shelves of sweeties and swim about in the stuff like a particularly nutritious ball pit.


The walk to campus and back was pretty refreshing, despite winter's encroachment, and I brought along my devil sticks for some knocking about while I waited for the cousin's paperwork to be done. There's something to be said for Gauteng winters: they're bloody freezing indoors, but if you're fortunate enough to get a sunny day, a spot of standing around in the open can really warm you up. Time to work on my long-lost semi-tan, methinks.

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