Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The joys of being fed

Dear reader, I last left you a day or so back with the knowledge that I was now sitting pretty with my grandparents, recovering from what can only be described as mild caffeine poisoning and a clinical lack of sun and time away from the computer.

Starting from Monday, I decided to switch things around a bit. I've resumed an age-old habit of drinking only water (despite my grandparents' best efforts to laden me with coffee and cola), spend about an hour outside training with my devil sticks every day and, most importantly, am seeking to restore my damaged blog in the midst of all this chaotic self-improvement. Gee whiz, I feel like I'll be able to maintain these resolutions for at least an entire week! Did I hear somebody say “new personal record”?

That aside, one of my resolutions is to eat a lot better. After you spend a couple of weeks living on noodles and peanuts (read: typical student diet), you tend to get a better idea of when your body is lamenting a lack of nutrition. Fortunately, said nutrition is abundant – apparently, my grandmother is unsatisfied with the fact that I weigh less than a baby elephant, and constantly endeavours to remedy this startling condition with a whole menagerie of well-made meals. This is the stuff that I call “real” food – by comparison, most of my eating habits consist of stuff that looks, smells and tastes like food, but actually isn't.

Holy crap, there's more than one course?

The above is a small dessert sample of a big, fancy meal that I ate with my grandparents last night. A few aunts, uncles and cousins came over to join in the gastronomic festivities and brought over a colossal pot of – wait for it – BILTONG SOUP.

I eat biltong. I eat soup. But together? Wow.

Maybe I'm a bit of a soup noob (related: noob soup is totally a real term), but I'm sure I've never heard of the concept of putting biltong in a bowl of gloppy stuff. It's one of the few meals in existence that I would describe as being deliciously confusing. Kinda like a dish that you'd attack with raised eyebrows. And this is coming from somebody who gladly launches himself at IceBix (patent still pending).

Up against this bowl of distilled interestingness was also the biggest loaf of bread in existence.

Told you so.

So yeah, summary of my evening? Soup, bread, pie, feta, baked apples, meringues, strawberries, cream, ice-cream and possibly the entire continent of South America. I win.

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  1. I can't even remember the url to my blog, that's how long it's been. It's a stretch, but even compared to most of South America, I think I win.