Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Game geekery with Dev.Mag

Okay, okay, I know: my blogging rate has rather unambiguously been suffering as of late. I can predict three reasons for this. Logical assessment of situation number one: anticipated decay and loss of steam. This is the result of a scientific formula that dictates how, if you're not paid to do a given task, you tend to do it a little less often as time passes by. Mainly because you can't be arsed to put in the same effort. I kinda accepted this eventuality when I started out.

Logical assessment of situation number two: hanging about in places like Grahamstown and Pretoria have the unfortunate side effect of causing me to slack off and not do much blogworthy stuff. Sitting in a comfort zone is a far cry from, say, doing newsworthy stuff like throwing myself off bridges.

Logical assessment of situation number three: perhaps most importantly, I've been devoting one helluva lot of time over these past few weeks to Dev.Mag, an online e-zine that's all about cool stuff like game development and ... well, just game development. But that's more than cool enough on its own.

It's also very, very orange. And has lots of gears. And a giant robot.

I've been with Dev.Mag since its inception three years ago, assuming various roles within its grand superstructure of awesomeness that included a fairly lengthy stint as editor and grand high poobah. For most of its existence, the mag has been a humble monthly PDF with a reasonably small circulation, but a few weeks ago it was jacked up to become a full-blown dev Website with daily news updates and free icecream.

Right now, we're doing our damndest to punt ourselves to the international community. I won't bore you with the marketing spiel, goals and rationale – suffice it to say, I'm writing a lot of stuff for them right now, so whenever I have spare time to sit down and scribble out a few words, I'm unfortunately forced to choose the mag over my blog. So really, I'm still updating the Internet with Nandrew-ish goodness: it's just that I'm mostly doing it elsewhere. With a different pic of myself.

What a devilishly handsome bugger!

If you're interested in game development (or even if you aren't), stop on by at http://www.devmag.org.za/ and have a look-see at all the cool stuff. If you have any friends interested in game development, swing them the link. If you have any friends with loads of money who are sitting around wondering, “Where can I squander my vast wealth now?” ... well, point them in our direction too. We may be able to help them with that problem too.

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  1. Ahoy, ye I only started rather recently, reason- boredom. oops. And of course to share my lovely adventures. But i think I am going to have to take a break from these, as I have too much to do at the moment. Oh well, my expeditions will hopefully resume sooner than later :-D Ye, I worked for the KKNK newspaper while I was there, was pretty cool man. I actually went to high school in Oudtshoorn (Principia College), so I saw lotsa old friend from the lovely dutch town. haha. Ciao ciao