Monday, April 9, 2012

Newly Bachelorated

The last few weeks have been astounding. I mean jaw-droppingly crazy and interesting, though also kinda harrowing. Change is good and exciting and all, but there have been waaaay too many things going on in every single life sphere right now, making things a bit of a cluster-screw* overall.

At least in all of this I've kept my health -- though the gums near one of my back teeth
are a little sensitive due to overambitious brushing, and I got a headache from reading Game of Thrones in poor light yesterday.

Okay, so this is what you get when you type "anything except tombstones" into image search. Damnit, google, you're not even trying.

Cluster-screw or not, I'm being 100% serious when I say that I'm pretty stoked at all of the exciting stuff going on. I'm wibbling between absolute wreckage and utter ecstacy, and while I can't really sustain that sort of swinging tempo for any sensibly long duration, it is providing me with lots of things to remark upon that I really should've taken the time to sit down and write about.

So here's the biggest one. Behold my new house place:

Yeah, just realised I took portrait pics instead of landscape. Facepalm.

It's a lovely little studio pad in Vredehoek within walking distance of Cape Town's city centre (well, a considerable walk, but I've got a bus nearby too). I'm quite stupidly excited about it, because for the very first time ever ever EVER I've got a place all to my selfsome. And don't let the inept photography fool you, it's pretty respectable in size.

I've been on my own fairly often before, but not in any sort of situation which provided the complete nesting opportunity presented here. Aromatherapy candles, alphabetically arranged kitchenware, walls smeared with fecal matter ... it becomes whatever I want and the possibilities of bachelordom are giddying.

Toilet on right, though I think I'm technically allowed to pee anywhere I want. What are the bachelor rules, again?

Of course, I just need to stop being dirt poor, first. There's been a lot of startup expenses involved in this whole moving-into-my-own-place thing, even with the studio itself being fully furnished. I'll be spending the next month living in an amazing home in an amazing neighbourhood eating amazingly artificial survival rations. And I obviously had to secure myself some mobile internet on top of it all, despite the fact that it reduced my grocery budget from "passable adult intake" to "wouldn't satiate an anorexic fieldmouse".

"Starved to death, but at least his connection was reliable"

April's gonna be a belt-tightening month, and I'll have to exercise my polite-invitation-turndown muscles quite regularly until I get my finances in order. Fortunately, lots of the healthier activities out there are kinda on the cheap side, so maybe I'll be more inspired to hike or run or occasionally entertain friends with the cheapest beer possible. Stuff like that. Oh, and blogging. I have a data bundle and a computer to write on, so I may as well keep myself busy with that.

I'll write more things about more specific stuff soon -- it's surprisingly hard to focus fire on any single thing that's happening in my life at the moment. I may be inclined to write an essay about my new washing machine, though, because that bugger has definitely given me a run for my money so far.

* Trying not to write "fuck"** on the blog.
** Oops, fuck.


  1. Nice post. I found living by myself for the first time ever to be a bit of a mixed bag. I like being able to pee on anything and being the only person to whom I am accountable. I learned a lot about myself and what my true standards of cleanliness are like when I don't have to share any communal areas. On the other hand, I had become so used to having friends on tap that I found it a bit lonely at first. Keep us updated on your experiences in this regard.

    1. Yeah, it's a weird sensation I'm getting here. But I don't think I can accurately comment until my life reaches a slightly calmer state -- too many outside influences, including some poor woman who probably thinks that I'm half-crazy by now (a little bleak about that -- I'm more like one-third crazy. Three-eighths, max).

      Blogging's actually looming as a desirable activity again, which is nice since these things shouldn't really be *too* forced. Hopefully it'll keep coming naturally the way it did when I was travelling. But that all depends on personal down-to-earthness and life stuff, really.